Our studio focuses on information design and creative expression and consists of people from various backgrounds that have both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in their fields of expertise.


Just wondering is a short-animated video series that seeks to inspire people in various and unpredicted ways, while challenging a set of beliefs and ideologies we confront into our daily lives.

The videos produced under Just wondering spectrum deal with a large array of subjects of all kinds. We believe that there is almost no topic that doesn’t deserve our attention. The stories we tell aim to prompt new ways of seeing and thinking about the world that surrounds us.

The project provides free online quality content, raising intriguing questions and offering some partial answers as well, while keeping a discreet sense of humour and a glimpse of irony. The viewer finds himself/herself in front of a magical universe that combines forms, sounds and colours in imaginative horizons filled with possibilities, while discussing provoking ideas from science, philosophy and art.

Not a long time ago we created...


Papaia and delicious food!

Papaia started as an easily digestible project made to inspire the everyday food choices and the overall lifestyle, because we believe that food could and should be: good for you body, good for the environment and simply delicious.

We think that a better future can be made from walking on small changes at an individual level. In order to make it happen, we're gathering the latest information in the nutrition field and we delivered it along with delicious food recipes, combined with a pinch of imagination and creativity. 


A bunch of hand made goodies!

We designed some unique products that embody a mystic, ironic and amusing concepts because we wanted to create an enjoyable experience and inspire a good vibe. That's why during this time we've worked with other artists, so we can turn your day brighter and to make an awesome gift for someone else. 

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